It is now perfectly clear that Suddenlink will continue to ignore its customers’ demands and does not plan to ever return the 24 Viacom channels to your lineup. While we at Viacom remain focused on doing anything in our power to get a deal done, Suddenlink remains resolute in its declaration that the drop is permanent. We are extremely disappointed and frankly shocked that Suddenlink’s plan is to continue to offer their customers TV “service” that doesn't include the most popular channels on television.

Unfortunately, there is nothing left for customers to do but switch providers. Suddenlink will do everything in its power to try to stop you, including lying about other providers and programmers. The truth is that Viacom has long-term contracts with 99% of all TV providers, and the remainder have largely abandoned their video businesses to focus on broadband, which has proven to be more profitable.

With each passing day, Suddenlink continues to prove what you have known all along - that they don’t care about their customers. Haven’t you had enough? You deserve better. Switch providers today and get your channels back.

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Call Suddenlink today and tell them you want your channels back! Use these tips to best reach a customer service agent to voice your concern.

     - Call 877-794-2724
     - Press 0
     - Say "YES" when asked if you are a current Suddenlink Customer
     - Request "CHANGES TO MY SERVICE" when prompted
     - Press 0 to be connected to a customer service representative



  • DEMAND A REFUND FROM SUDDENLINK: Tell them that you plan on switching to another provider unless they fairly compensate you. This is the only way they will take you seriously. Customers are currently getting $10 refunds per month for six months and other free products and services. If you don’t get what you feel you deserve, switch your service to a new TV provider.
  • Weekdays are better than weekends. The wait time to reach a person during the week is shorter than on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Have your account number or phone number ready, as well as your address and the zip code associated with your account. Customer Service Reps will need to log your phone call and the process moves faster if they can easily find your account history.
  • Always ask for your Customer Service Rep's name. If requesting to be transferred to a manager, be sure to get the manager’s name and title, as well. It may come in handy later if you are referencing a conversation you had with someone specific.
  • Call in the morning. Customer Service Reps are less busy between 9am and 12pm.